of the Royal Spa


The spa was planned and built by the architect Vilmos Freund in 1886-88. At that time it contained steam baths, wave and shower baths, electric baths, a pneumatic chamber and a medical room with cold water.


Contemporary journalists were fascinated by the spa’s appearance. In 1903 direct access was created for hotel guests.


After the First World War, Freund was declared bankrupt and his heirs sold the spa in 1923 to the Royal Nagyszálló Rt.


The spa operated until 1944 when it closed for many years.


The abandoned, obsolete spa was rediscovered in 1983 and, according to the original documents, there were plans to use the spa area for parking facilities.

Thankfully, János Dianóczki, who was in charge of planning the multi-storey car park, turned down the proposal. The media and the public supported him and his decision made it possible for the current owners to restore the spa today.

The new owners The Royal, one of the best known historic hotels in Budapest and Europe, owes its revival to the Corinthia Group. The Maltese-based, family-founded investment group operates a collection of five-star hotels across a range of exciting destinations around Europe and North Africa.

Lovingly restored to its original glory, Corinthia Hotel Budapest was brought to life, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, with an impressive €100 million investment, the largest scale hotel refurbishment project in Hungarian history.

The sensitive use of materials and equipment to tastefully and respectfully refurbish this historic building was an impressive feat and made use of an impressive selection of materials from around the globe.

The Grand Ballroom and public rooms are laid with Italian limestone and Spanish marble. The handsome guestroom doors are Czech and open up into beautiful spaces furnished with Slovakian furniture and South African carpets.

This international selection is nevertheless framed by the expertise of Hungarian craftsmen: their fabulous plasterwork puts the final touch on the Hotel and their gilded scrolls elevate the beauty of the Grand Ballroom. Be inspired by our history when you visit and create your own memories.

Please kindly note that access to the Art Deco-style Royal Spa
is available for a small additional fee when booking Superior room
and is complimentary when booking Deluxe room or higher categories



Erzsébet körút 43-49.
B-udapest H-1073, Hungary
Phone: +36 1 479 4000
Opening Hours: 07.30 - 19.30

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